Friday, October 22, 2010

And so it begins.

Well.. Im officially here. I never imagined I would make this much headway in such little time... but I guess anything is possible in this world of wonder. After such an eventful year in Vancouver, I have managed to move myself once again, but this time, across the country. To a city of dreams, possibilities, fashion, and media. In my head, when the opportunity came so quick, I never really had a chance to process what I was actually doing. I was just so caught in the moment. Now I have realized.. walking the streets of downtown, with a coffee in one hand, and a Vogue or Elle in the other. Being 19, I feel blessed sometimes to know what my goals and aspirations are, and what I feel I need to do, before I can think of anything else down the road. After plowing  through what I consider "thick" numerous journals, I have decided to create a blog. A blog to write my experiences on my own out here, and a place where I can share what I love so dear to my heart, which is Fashion and Hair

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