Friday, October 22, 2010

Falling for Fall

The season has turned, summer has ended, and realities always sink in for most of us. My reality definitely has... after September not being what I had anticipated, I learned alot of life lessons. For myself, my career, and my future. Maybe I'm not cut out for this? Maybe I am too soft, small, young, naive, unskilled? September was a month of being scared, and in doubt of myself, which is completely and utterly stupid, now thinking and looking back on it all. I got myself the first spoonful of the many characters that I am sure to meet in this Industry, and I tried to stay strong (which I did) but the negativity was swallowing my passion day by day. And I came to a point where a choice needed to be made; a risk. I left a job that brought me to Toronto. But that doesn't mean it all stops there, and it won't. I have been enjoying my life here alot, and "falling for fall". As the job scene has been tough, I do have much to look forward to in the next few weeks. My name has been brought to the table in a few companies, photographers, websites, makeup artists, musicians, and even PR Agencies! I am very optimistic of what November is going to bring, and my spirits are held high! I am adjusting to the East Coast mentality, and meeting new people everyday. Along with all of this, I have managed to create three of my very own websites! Get scouted at two casting agencies! Learn how to make the greatest pumpkin bread ever, jump in piles of crunchy burnt red leaves, tally up my daily coffees to about three cups, learn the patients of little kids (which I thought I never had) become addicted to sitting in Chapters marveling over the newest issue of Vogue. Have Dan Levy in my Starbucks line up, and be offered the Hair position in a company with a makeup artist and photographer downtown! Life is cool, and everyday is different.


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