Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All I want, is to be married to my work, and living in Paris. 

Coco Chanel

Well.. in a few hours we will officially be finished November, and on to the most exciting month of the year! (in my opinion) I couldn't be more thrilled for the holiday season. A time of gathering with family and friends.. sharing, giving,loving, laughing, eating, and being thankful to everything in our lives. It is so interesting how time moves, and things change. I have fully come to the realization, that nothing truly lasts forever. And if you are motivated, goal orientated, and driven, then every detour is meant to occur. I have never felt so grounded.. so at home these days. Toronto is now my place, and it is so relieving to say and feel. I hope everyone enjoys the holidays, because I know I sure will! :-)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Just a few of my favorite things..

Sofia Coppola 
Bling Polish (OPI has some great ones from the Burlesque line)
Your highness cupcakes, which I want to try some day! 
Bracelets.. and more bracelets.

And.. the latest.. the Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks. I promise you.. it is the best little investment.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Je t'adore

Ah Europe.. these photo's actually almost leave me speechless because of how inspiring they are. Lately I have been so intrigued by photography, and how much visual art feeds the soul. These photos are symbolic to my passion for life, and how much I vision myself doing in the future. On a Sunday afternoon.. listening to Joyce Johnathan, sipping a coffee, it enlightens me. I will be back one day soon, and there to stay. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

All on me

Blog ohh blog, I am soo sorry I have neglected you this week. Though.. it has been for good reasons of course. I have a whole new outlook on Toronto, this past week was definitely a highlighter for both my career, and life. I finally feel like I have broken myself into this city. Things just feel right, I feel alive again, and soo thrilled at everything I have managed to accomplish in the past years. The tough patch that I had just recently went through.. seems to have calmed, and I have found my way through it. I am finally steadily working in a salon downtown Yorkville (that I absolutely adore) and I have made some wonderful connections (industry wise). After spending months trying to network the crap out of myself, I feel like people are finally listening. I was given the biggest opportunity of my career so far this past week, and it was a ride for sure. I can't even describe the feelings and emotions that I went through. Lucky B, whom is the Makeup Artist for MTV, and EXTREMELY talented; offered me the chance to do some hair for a shoot, with singer/model/dancer Krystal Karib, and legendary Photographer Christopher Wadsworth. I don't think I have ever been so nervous for something in my life. I just wanted to do the best of my ability, and show these pro's what I can do, and the person that I truly am. Well.. the whole day was simply magical, perfection, a dream.. And it was interesting, because most shoots always have their "hiccups", but Wednesday was just a flawless day, in all terms. I am so incredibly thankful lately, for the support from my family and friends. This adventure is sometimes not the easiest, but anything in life is never easy. Looking forward to life.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Straight up

Sometimes I wonder if my expectations are set too high. I can never just be these days. Always on the run, always out to find that something. But I worry that I am only running in a circle. I have dreamt of having this life for quite some time. Living out in the big world on my own, doing things my way, living fabulously, and doing the unthinkable. When I vision myself, I see Paris, I see being the classic European fashionista, riding vespas in 4 inch heels, drinking expresso every morning, going to amazing parties, doing hair for fabulous people and Fashion Shows, and just being a legend at what I do. I never wanted to settle down like most people, I could never see me wanting that "white picket fence" lifestyle. I have learned that I like things fast. I love to marvel over things most don't, and I used to never look back at all. I think because my world has slowed down at a rapid pace these past weeks, I have taken the time to sit with the things that have occured in the years.. the changes I have went through.. the struggles.. and the achievements. At the end of the day, were all just humans, swimming in this world, and it brings me to question, do I want to give up most things, for this? This city is wonderful, and I don't have any regrets, but I fight the constant battle of missing those who I used to be closer to, and reflect on how much change I have went through. With circumstances lately, I can't help myself but feel that I have thrown myself to the wolves too soon. I have faith in myself, and I know from every hard point.. leads to a positive one, but it can be difficult. I am meeting a lot of wonderful people along the way, and this ride is thrilling, yet scary. Its funny how fearless we can be, and then all of a sudden become so terrified of the unknown. Its like I am almost fearing taking the plunge. I know I need to put the ego aside, and believe in myself, but its intimidating to say the least.

Hurts to hold


The one item in my wardrobe that seems to always make it out with me
is my Faux Fur long scarf. I think the main thing that I love the most about it, is the versatility of this piece. You can easily pair it up with almost anything in your wardrobe, especially when bundling up before you head out the door. Fortunately, mine is a vintage piece, but since Fur is a huge fall trend this season, you can easily find pieces at Zara, H&M, or Winners.

Pucci Fall 2010 backstage

Lately I cannot help but notice the sudden change in this fall/ leading into winter style. It seems as though the 90's androgynous look is already back, and the shades of strands are too! Rather than having a prismatic color this fall, try a beige tone, or a much warmer brunette shade, with an undertone of red. Or you can always follow the balayage trend that looks flattering on any head of hair this fall! Fall is always the season to be a little more bold with your color, whether you are wanting to take your shade down a bit darker, or tone your blond to something a little less "sun kissed". If I have learnt anything yet in this industry, it is not to fear change, but embrace it. So try something new for yourself!