Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blog ohh blog, I am soo sorry I have neglected you this week. Though.. it has been for good reasons of course. I have a whole new outlook on Toronto, this past week was definitely a highlighter for both my career, and life. I finally feel like I have broken myself into this city. Things just feel right, I feel alive again, and soo thrilled at everything I have managed to accomplish in the past years. The tough patch that I had just recently went through.. seems to have calmed, and I have found my way through it. I am finally steadily working in a salon downtown Yorkville (that I absolutely adore) and I have made some wonderful connections (industry wise). After spending months trying to network the crap out of myself, I feel like people are finally listening. I was given the biggest opportunity of my career so far this past week, and it was a ride for sure. I can't even describe the feelings and emotions that I went through. Lucky B, whom is the Makeup Artist for MTV, and EXTREMELY talented; offered me the chance to do some hair for a shoot, with singer/model/dancer Krystal Karib, and legendary Photographer Christopher Wadsworth. I don't think I have ever been so nervous for something in my life. I just wanted to do the best of my ability, and show these pro's what I can do, and the person that I truly am. Well.. the whole day was simply magical, perfection, a dream.. And it was interesting, because most shoots always have their "hiccups", but Wednesday was just a flawless day, in all terms. I am so incredibly thankful lately, for the support from my family and friends. This adventure is sometimes not the easiest, but anything in life is never easy. Looking forward to life.

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