Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Winds

Today was the first snowfall of the year. I woke up to my bedside window.. and took a peak at how white it was on the roof tops. I felt like that little kid at Christmas morning again. So full of joy, magic and almost.. like you forget about all the real world things and just remain in that moment. December is full of love, and I feel it. Whether I am by myself, or with my entire family, December is still all about love for me.. with or without those close. Although I have my days.. of feeling that I am the only one in this world, and on my own.. it is so good knowing that near or far, you are truly loved, and that love does not gain nor fizzle. Since I have been so inspired by such little things these days.. being one of them as Paris (duh) I have decided that the only way to make this dream a reality, I need to learn Parisian French. So as my first New Years resolution.. ( I know I am early) I have decided to get books and take a class. I feel like this is going to be a new hobby worth sticking to, as it will benefit my career and of course life. In terms of me as a person.. I also want to take time to be thankful more often. I know I try to remember to thank the Universe for all my gifts and accomplishments, but sometimes I can be a little rusty and fall asleep before I get to that thought in my head. So as I will say it tonight before I shut my eyes.. I will say it now. Thankyou UNIVERSE! :-) 
Lastly, in terms of work/career life, I would like to be more professionally assertive, and continue to strive for the top. This is a time in my life that needs perseverance  at all times, in order for me to crawl up the ladder. I hope that everyone has the merriest of Christmases. And that everyone gives back a little too. Big or small, at the end of the day.. its a way of giving right? And that is all that matters most this season. xx