Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Home is where I wanted to go.

Oh the holidays.. I always find it so unbelievable how quick they come and go. Time really does fly when your with those dear to your heart, and having the best times of your life. For some.. the holidays are stressful and dreadful. For others.. It is the complete opposite. I feel like I am in the middle. The holidays personally bring out the little kid in me again, it also reminds me the principles of giving back. Im pretty sure I spent the entire month of November and December, killing myself with anticipation, and marking my calender daily. I couldn't wait to come back to where it all began for me. Going back to your roots, family, and old stomping grounds always have a way of bringing you center again. Allowing you to change the perspective on your life, make new resolutions.. so that you can come back new, or a little bit of a changed spirit. We all have different stresses in our lives, and the holidays give us that time to take a break, and just DEAL. As chaotic as some of our families can be, we all must learn to embrace who they are, accept, and be thankful that we have warm homes to go to for the holidays, and those who deeply care under it all. Cheers to a New Year, new beginnings for some, and closing chapters for others. Let 2011 be our year to shine. 

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