Monday, January 24, 2011


On this snowy, and very grey Toronto day.. I managed to reflect on a lot of things during my solo coffee this morning. How much I love to be around those who I love so dear to my heart, and being there for my family more often. I think one of the biggest lessons that I have learnt through these six months, is that no matter where you are in the world, if you don't have those amazing people surrounding you, then life isn't as meaningful. Work is great, but work will never be there to help you through hard times, illness, or stress.. your family and friends will. I fully recognize and acknowledge that now. I have constantly been on the run since I graduated, that I have found myself realizing.. that I haven't stopped to smell the roses either. It is safe to say that I have now lived in two wonderful cities.. and not once actually soaked it up for what it really is. In this time of reflection, I have realized that I am so young, and have my WHOLE life ahead of me.. so what is the rush? After reading an article on the book "The Happiness Project".. basically stating that life will pass you by, and it is only up to you to maintain your happiness. I read on, and decided that I wanted to start my own happiness project. Revelations for each month of this fine 2011 year. So.. after two hours in Starbucks, and two Americano's deep, I have 4 pages in my journal, inked with my personal revelations. Here goes,

Theme: LOVE
Danielle, change yourself to love more than you can ever imagine. You are already known for smiling.. but smile MORE. Smile 10-30 minutes each day, and make a stranger smile back too. Show unconditional love and support to those in need, non stop. Love makes the world a truly better place. Constantly be mindful of your heart, and choices from the heart. 

Theme: WORK
Work harder on all things dear in your life. Obviously your career is on the top of the list, but make sure your work also includes your blog, which is your diary. Aim for more in your portfolio. Continue to make close connections with those higher up. Lastly, acknowledge your work, because that is what will keep you inspired. Know that your capable of whatever you want, and trust your decisions. Remember that you must crawl before you walk.. and then walk until you can learn to run. Get better at being patient with life. Everything comes when it is ready.

Remember that "the day's are long, but the years are short". Let go of the pressure you put on yourself, and just be in the moment. Appreciate the smaller things. 

Dani, if you truly want to have fun, and live those years young and hard.. having the time of your life.. THEN DO IT. But make sure that you schedule these things like any other doc or dentist appointment.. so that you can't get caught up in the routine of work and everyday life. If you never find time, you wont. 

Keep close contact and connections with good friends, near or far.. for they are more important then anything else. They keep you strong, and are the little lights in your life that make you shine your brightest. 

Obviously watch your spending, but treat yourself and others. Go out for a fancy dinner, a trip somewhere far or close, or a day at the spa. Ultimately, you need to do these things, because you deserve them.

Dani.. you must keep writing. Writing is what keeps you grounded at even the hardest of times in your life. Whether your having a great day.. or a horrible one.. WRTIE. Having that spiritualness inside and on the paper, keeps you sane, and soo very aware of yourself and emotions. 

This can be anything! A new hobby keeps life interesting. Try and make it involve helping someone else out too, so your gaining good karma, and being an even better person in the mix. Learn more about things involving your health, take a cleanse, buy a new cook book.. and make things you never thought you could. Do something to ring in the fall. 

Dani, be aware of all things in your life. I cannot stress this enough. Take what you have discovered, and realize that it is a learning process. Everything you choose to do in life, always leaves you with a lesson. Good or bad. Right now, you have realized so much about yourself, and noticed the things you were lacking, and leaving behind. When start to see things differently, listen to it, because it is just making you wiser. You always seem to follow your head, instead of the heart, and that can cause unwanted trouble. So just be. :-)

Dani, people always say your "too nice" especially in Toronto. For so long you were confused by those comments, because you weren't sure if that meant good things or bad? But just know, that no matter how happy you are to someone else, and kind hearted.. YOU can't make them truly happy. That is up to themselves. Just show your compassion, and know who you are. This is one of your biggest lessons so far. 

Keep your resolutions close by. Just because resolutions are usually only during the holidays, doesn't mean that you shouldn't make more if you need to, during the year. Resolutions are your personal growth. Reflect on your year, and hope that you followed everything that you wrote down. Think of new ways to be the person that you are, and never change for anyone. Live in your moment.

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