Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer's Key Hair Essentials

Spring.. all I can say is your quite fashionably late! Bring on the colors, tanned skin, balayage, floral prints, white jeans, sun kissed hair, and freckles! I have gathered some useful tips and key essentials for all you ladies, so you can look hot and in the know! 

Bumble and Bumble "Let It Shine" Collection is out!
Just recently, Bumble finally launched the Shine Collection, which is personally my favorite product at this moment. I feel "Shine" came out at the most perfect time of year considering we all want to achieve voluminous, sexy, and of course SHINY locks during the summer months. The Shampoo and Conditioner are both extremely light weight, and are good on all Hair types. For us ladies with a fine Hair texture, be sure to do two really good shampoos for maximum volume. The conditioner is very light, so don't worry about the product weighing the Hair down by any means. Once shampooed and conditioned follow with..

Bumble and Bumble Shine Spray!
The Bumble and Bumble Shine Spray basically says all that it does! This gloss is more than just a quick spray at the end of your styling regime, and actually gives your Hair the glimmer that you don't need just under the sun. This product is great for any style, texture, or condition of Hair, and can be used for achieving that "glow" within healthy Hair. It is best to use this product for finishing touches, adding depth, controlling those "fly aways"  or giving your color that extra boost/vibrance it needs. You do not have to be weiry about how much you choose to spray, as this product does not cause a greasy residue or build up with other products already on the Hair. Spray away ladies!

Bumble and Bumble "Surf" Spray
The beach is a place where we all want to look effortlessly fabulous while basking in the rays, and I cannot stress enough why this product must be in your beach bag! This low maintenance product can be used any time, creates sexy surf waves, and volume at the root. For the best results use this product when your hair is damp or eighty percent dry, flip your head upside down and spray away. Use your hands to add texture to the hair while spraying. Once it is set, try and refrain from touching it- in order for the product to have longevity within the Hair.  This product is also great for set loose curls/waves- just to give the hair that extra boost or effect. Another alternative.. is to use this product literally when you have come out of the water on the beach, and have towel dried your Hair! It is super fun, and can prevent some serious beach Hair disasters! :) 

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