Friday, June 17, 2011

MTV FORA: Dior, Gucci, Zac Posen, Mullberry Fall Hair Preview

Here is a sneak peak at the 2011/12 Fall Fashion and Hair Preview, straight off the Runways in Paris.

Everything in terms of the Fashion and Hair this Fall, are all very 1940's inspired- which was an era of the rebellion of Women, and a comeback of power within femininity. As you can tell- Bold Rich Burgundy's, Chocolate Browns, Emerald Greens, Colored Fur Colors, and Capes are all huge. In terms of texture- we will be seeing a lot of Leather, and also the continuation of the Thigh High Leather boot. This Spring and Summer- Flared jeans slowly snuck into many of our wardrobes, and this is basically just the beginning of their comeback. Also, the ever so Classic Blazer is still a must and bold Metallics are going to be seen either as skirts, scarves, or blouses. 

For your tresses- deep exaggerated parts are on the rise, whether they are center or on the side.. make sure they are the statement of your look. All updo's and blowouts are focused around the perfect parting this season. The flowing beach waves are unfortunately on their way out, since the return of the 1940's tighter waves have come back into action and on EVERY runway! This also includes the chicest wave of all.. The Finger Wave!(A wave that is set when your hair is dampened, with a little gel, and rests of the side of your head). If you are curious about achieving this look, since it is a little more technical to describe and create- be sure to ask your stylist, and they will be happy to help and show you!

Natural looks are still very much in style. A basic blowout with minimal volume and a center parting- look fabulous paired with an earth tone outfit. One thing that I am super thankful for, is the fact that Hats are still in, and making a huge statements. For your color, many shades of warm and ashy browns are becoming popular again, and the "natural" color is still in for this Fall. Crimson Reds and Ashy Blondes are also on the rise, but Roots are out! 

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