Sunday, June 5, 2011

MTV FORA: Effortless Pony

The "Effortless Pony" 
A look that should be mastered this Summer, is the "Effortless Pony". While this look is super naturally sexy, and the least bit time consuming, it makes it super easy for everyone to do! This trend is super hot on and off the runway, and pairs well with almost every summer outfit. Whether your going out on the town with friends,to dinner, beach, or work, you can always count on this look. 
How to:
Simply start by parting the hair either dead center, or a little off to the side. The parting doesn't have to be perfect, since this look is not about perfection in the slightest. Once you have designed your parting, begin back combing the roots of your hair with a Tail Comb. This means basically sectioning around your part- creating lift and volume at the roots. It is good to add a little bit of light hold Hair Spray, one I recommend is "Aero Gel"- which I ALWAYS have in my kit for shoots and shows. It maintains a light hold, and also gives the hair ultra sexy texture and movement. Once you feel you have enough volume, lightly start gathering the hair into a pony with just your fingers. It is super important that you do not use a comb or anything that will smooth out the texture when putting the Hair into a pony, or it will change the look entirely. If you want to leave out a few small pieces of the Hair in the front of the face, and by the ears, feel free! It adds to the sultriness of the look. Once you have put all of the Hair into a loose Pony Tail, take your tail comb and begin backcombing pieces of the pony tail- to rough it up! The idea is to make the hair look bigger and thicker. Adding more spray at an equal distance will help with finishing everything off! Pair with some dangly earrings or studs, and you will have just created the chicest Pony yet. 

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