Friday, June 10, 2011


"You were born to present gifts to the world. But the way it is set up is that before you can shine as a person- and I mean really shine- you must do that interior work. You must get to know yourself; you must look at your limiting beliefs and recreate them. And you must analyze the false assumptions you have about what you can be, have, and do as a person and then set about correcting them." 

"Once you align yourself with these laws, you'll access your authentic power. You'll become a force of nature, and your life will move from a place of struggle, into one of ease and flow. All that you've ever dreamed of being you will become. You'll naturally draw into your life all that your heart has desired without effort. You're life will begin, to work, almost as if guided by magic."
The Saint, The Surfer, And The CEO

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