Thursday, June 16, 2011

MTV FORA:Your Healthy Hair Diet

It is a proven fact- that what we put into our bodies everyday, shows on our outer appearance and how well we function. Living a healthy lifestyle is something that we always hear, but tend to not always pay attention to. We all know the "just" of being healthy and active, but what many women don't know and realize, is that your hair can be a reflection of your lifestyle and eating habits. Keeping your hair in top notch condition can be a tricky task, and most women need realize that using good products- is only a fraction of achieving healthy hair. 
Here are a list of the following foods that SHOULD be in your diet starting today- to achieve not only luxurious Hair, but glowing skin too!

1. Salmon/ Omega 3's ( The Beauty Pill)
If you feel that your hair is lacking.. or shall say "dull", then focusing on your omega's would be essential for kicking it up a notch. This protein packed vitamin not only provides you with most of your B's, but also brings back shine within the Hair Shaft, glowing skin, and also gives moisture on the scalp. If you suffer from excessive dry scalp during the Winter months, then this vitamin is key for you. If your not a lover of fish, then another alternative to getting your Omega's is either gel capsules, or 2 tablespoons of ground Flax seed daily. 

2. "The Green Stuff"
Here is just another reason why your mother told you to always eat your Green Vegetables! Every person produces an oil called "Sebum" which is secreted from the scalp, and is known as the bodies natural way of conditioning the Hair. Green Leafy Vegetables, are known for their tremendous amount of Vitamins (A, C, Iron and Calcium) and these vitamins create a great foundation for strong healthy Hair. If you feel that your hair is dry, brittle, thin, or just limp- then you must be vigilant in getting your Greens. These can be any of the following- Spinach, Kale, Lettuce, Broccoli, Asparagus, Brussels Sprouts etc.

3. Go "NUTS":
Nuts are a great source for those who have thinning or shedding hair. Nuts contain an incredible source of Zinc, which keeps the Hair feeling fuller and thicker. One the most obvious signs of a Zinc deficiency is losing Hair, and there is nothing more terrifying than running your fingers through your Hair, and seeing it clumped in your hand! Making homemade trail mix is a great way for having nuts, and keeping your appetite "incheck" mid afternoon.

4. Beans! Beans! ("The more you eat!" The more your.. Hair Grows!")
Feel like your Hair has hit a growing plateau? Well.. your probably correct. Everyone's hair goes through three growing stages within a span of months, but one of the things that you must maintain- is the correct amount of protein in order for your hair to have the strength to continue to grow. Beans and Lentils have a generous amount of protein, as well as zinc, iron, and biotin. All of these ingredients support Hair Growth and thickness. It is recommended that you have 3 servings of beans or lentils each week. If you are a vegetarian, then it is VERY important that you amp up your intake of protein even more.

5. Get Crackin!
Eggs are a not only a great way to start off your day- but also incredibly beneficial for getting your B-12 Vitamin and Biotin which most individuals these days lack. More and more of us are becoming Vegetarian and Vegan, so B-12 is nearly never found in any other foods other than Meat. If you choose to start or maintain a Vegan/ Vegetarian diet, always keep your protein in check. Not only will your Hair thank you, but also your body!  

6. H2O
Last but never least, WATER! It is expected that women consume 8-10 glasses of Water daily at the very least! We all know water is what keeps the body Hydrated and rids unwanted Toxins, but also does the same for your Hair and Skin. So drink up! 

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