Sunday, July 24, 2011

MTV FORA :The Middleton Effect

She exudes three words exactly- Class, Elegance, and of course.. Style. Although her simplicity may make her seem tame in the Fashion scene, Kate has created something of her very own. She always seems to dress and stay within her means, and in terms of looks.. She is a cliche British Beauty and now Royalty. Here a some great examples and ways to achieve The Duchesses looks!

"The Half Up"
I feel like this style is a signature of Kate Middleton's. Ever since she has come on the radar and recently Wed, we are ironically enough, going to be seeing this trend on the Runways for Fall. Personally, I have always been a fan of this look, as it exemplifies femininity at its truest. Here is how to easily achieve this look!

Step One: Make sure Hair is on it's first or second day "clean". The cleaner the Hair- the easier to work with when creating straighter styles. I would usually start by using a 2- 2 1/4 inch Barrel Curling Iron. Do not use rollers, as it will create a more "fancier look, and unwanted volume. Section Hair off, and take medium sized pieces- suitable to barrel size, and begin curling under. Work your way to the top of the head form.
*Remember- when curling, do not "play or touch" the curls while they are HOT and Setting. This will only weaken the curls potential and longevity!

Step Two:Once the Hair is completely set in beveled Curls, use a tail comb,and begin taking an Ear to Ear section, lightly spray and backcomb- directing everything back. If you want to have a small side parting at the top, just subdivide the front section. By lightly backcombing each section, and then directing back- will create light volume and a rounder shape within the top area (creating the "Half Up" effect). Once you have worked back to the Crown of the Head (aka: Highest center point of your head) Gently smooth out any bump or imperfection, as well as any unwanted Height from the backcombing. A Tail Comb is fine for this, but the best brush for smoothing, would be the Isinis Brush. 

Step Three: Gently holding all of the Hair within the top section back, secure with the larger than normal Bobbi Pins. You can find these at Drug Stores or Beauty Supply stores as well. The denser and longer they are- the better the hold. Once everything is secured, lightly spray the Top Section, and use your brush to smooth out the bottom hair! 


The All Down Look
Step One: Begin with freshly Washed and Blow Dried Hair. Its OK if you have not properly blown out the Hair with a round brush, just as long as you have Blow Dried the Hair upside down for the most part. By doing so, it creates lift at the root, and more fullness within the mid shaft of your tresses. 

Step Two: Subsection the Hair into four quarters. Part on the side, and section Front to Back, and Ear to Ear. Take a triangle section at the Fringe Area, and start with this piece firstly. Using a medium sized Barrel Iron, curl the Fringe section directed and angled backward. Once curled, secure with a metal roller clip or bobbi pin. Leave this piece clipped and secured until the very end.

Step Three: Start at the bottom sections, and curl up to the midshaft of the strand, and bevel under. Working your way up the Head- take diagonal section along the top, curling the Hair under and direct backward. Let all of the Hair "Set" and "Cool for 15-20 minutes, and then lightly smooth with a gentle brush, or fingers.

Step Four: Take out the Fringe Section, and use your Isinis Brush, or any other small soft brush, and comb the section away from the face. As it then falls, it should swoop down and blend within the rest of the Hair. Lightly Spray, and your ready!

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