Monday, July 11, 2011

Today was definitely a day of reflection, and I guess you could say- realization too. Sitting over coffee this morning, I managed to come across my new journal I got as a gift from my sister before I left for Toronto (the second time). I read the first page, and couldn't help but get a rush of emotions- as I was once again taking another step and moving forward with my life. I thought it would be suitable to share on my blog:
"The skies are about as blue as my eyes today, and I can't help but squint- as the sunshine is peering through my window on the plane. Yep, I am as of right now.. half way back to Toronto.I don't think I have ever felt so content and certain that this is, and was the right journey all along. I have realized that Toronto is a place that feeds me with things that so far, no other place can. I feel like one of the reasons why it truly has a piece of me/ heart- is the unknown. Basically just allowing the "unexpected" to enter my life again- ready or not. This city is a place that makes me feel capable of all my wildest dreams, and knowing that I am in the direction of them. Instead of always attempting to take the rains and control of life and my destiny, I am making a conscious effort to relax more. I recognize what makes me happy, passionate, and motivated. As much as it can separate me from my family and old friends, it doesn't mean I am headed for "doom" or the wrong direction. If I have learned anything so far- it is that "being yourself, is a luxury". Going for what feels right inside, and following what you believe is your true purpose, while maintaining a good heart and natured spirit. I know this will allow me to be completely open to myself and the world. I am no longer afraid to embrace what makes me unique, and trust my inner voice- always. Hard work will always pay off in any stretch of life, and you will benefit from all of your experiences. You will lead an extraordinary life, and this is only the beginning!

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