Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sea was in love with the sand.

In just a few short weeks, I will officially be on a new Chapter of my adventures, taking me back down to Roatan.
I couldn't be more excited to change my routines, step outside of my comfort zones, and to simplify my life a little more. To be living on the ocean (indefinitely) is something that still seems too surreal. For this year I wish to accomplish the following:

1. Be with family
2. Maintain uncontrollable laughter
3. Face some life fears
4. Make dancing my butt off a regular thing..
5. Let my imagination soar to new heights
6. Gain more independence

7. Make new relationships with complete strangers

8. Trust

9. Free myself

10.Have happy tears

11.Learn to Dive

12.Help others that need it most

13.Dance on the beach (in the rain too)

14.Lastly, be happy and content where I am at in life. Be proud of my accomplishments, and enjoy the peace and time that I have.

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