Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tra la la' Transition

The past few months have allowed me to start being more honest with myself, and where my life is headed. After taking a short trip to Roatan- that allowed my eyes to open a little wider, and to really see what underlying things I truly want to do in my younger years, as well as seeing where I am at in my own reality of life. Going back to Roatan for a few months, allowed me to deeply search within my soul, for truth, and to learn who I really am as a young woman. I never fully realized how much of a positive impact it was, to be surrounded by my family again and have their never ending support. I have learned that living in the present is the best medicine for me, and gives me the strength to continue to be "content" with things. I am the first to admit that I tend to get ahead of myself, and feelings.. I am happy to be back to where it all began for me, and do some more ground work within myself, and where I am headed from here on out. Cheers to the unknown!
D .x

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